Dorkers' Spooktacular
Halloween Hunt
Saturday 20 - Sunday 28 October 2018

The Friends of Dorking are a small voluntary group of local businesses, retailers and community members who work with other local business and community groups. We organise and fundraise for the Dorking Christmas lights and Summer hanging baskets. We also organise a Family Easter Egg Hunt throughout the sSchool Easter holidays each year and a Halloween Hunt in October!

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Look out - Dorkers might be around and about Dorking over the Half-term holidays!
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Photo of West Street in Dorking at dusk with Christmas lights

Christmas Lights 

We organise the Christmas Lights for Dorking. Our Christmas campaign will begin soon!
Photo of cyclists on Ride London going up West Street Dorking

Hanging Baskets

Throughout Summer 2018, the Hanging Baskets have looked
stunning around Dorking Town.
Photo of woollen chicks and tea-shirt to promote the Friends of Dorking

Dorkers' Halloween Hunt

20 - 28 Oct 2018 • Dorking
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Some of our activities...

  • Chinese New Year – February 2018
  • Christmas Lights & Light Switch-On – November 2018
  • Quiz Night – November 2018
  • Halloween Hunt – October 2018
  • Elvis Night – September 2018
  • Summer Hanging Baskets 2018
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