The Friends of Dorking has been now established for over nine years

Our History...

The Friends of Dorking are a voluntary group of local businesses, retailers and community members who work with local businesses and community groups. They organise the Christmas lights and raise the considerable sum required each year to make the town sparkle over Christmas.

In 2013, for the first time, the Friends of Dorking also raised money for hanging baskets of flowers over the Summer. The Friends are proud of their town and their desire is to do what they can to make sure it looks at its best for the benefit of all.

The Friends of Dorking is a community company limited by guarantee. The Friends of Dorking working group meet regularly.

Photo of the Village of Capel from the air

About Dorkers...

Dorkers, the Friends of Dorking mascot, has the key role of making people happy. He has lived in Dorking since he hatched from an egg. He comes from an old Dorking family, whose ancestors came over with the Romans. They were alsomuch loved by Queen Victoria.

Originally very shy, Dorkers was enticed out of his farmyard for the 2012 Road Race Flash Mob Carnival where he impressed all with his considerable strutting skills.

He was named Dorkers by the children of Dorking in a competition. He loves to be seen around the streets of Dorking as often as he can. In recent years, he has developed his artistic skills, and his work was exhibited on development hoardings during the redevelopment of Waitrose in South Street.

Dorkers  entices families from as far away and wide to visit Dorking and take part in his family events around the town . Currently he is currently working on further projects for the Dorking Community.

Photo of the Village of Capel from the air
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